The One about The Novel

I took a wise man and fellow book enthusiast’s advice to take a break from the horror that has been plastered all over social media lately ( child murder, animal abuse, drug overdoses) and partake in a good novel.
I have loved reading books ever since I was a very small child, but over the last few years, the stress of life has caused my attention span to wane.
After reading the first few chapters of a book I found satisfying enough to devote my focus to, it occurred to me that our lives are really just a novel.
The main characters being our spouses, significant others, friends and family, the supporting characters our co- workers, neighbors, teachers.
Some of the characters are often villainous, some change our lives forever, and we don’t even notice until weeks, months, or maybe even years later.
Some provide us with plot twists we didn’t even know we desperately needed, or in some cases, their occurrence can be devastating, and heart breaking.
The bit players are the people we run into at the grocery check out, the people we see at the playground while playing with our children or grand children.
It occurred to me, that unlike the great literature we read by other authors, we have the ability to control at least some, and often times most, of the content that goes into our story, not all of it of course, because some things you just can’t control.
I think some things are mapped out by Fate, and no matter what we choose, it will lead us to our destiny, or where we are supposed to be.
Some things I believe we choose, with our free will, and some are just coincidence.
I believe we have the biggest hand in who gets to play the starring roles, and who gets to play the supporting roles.
Sometimes characters run their course, and you have to write them out completely, because they no longer fit the story line.
When you get rid of a lot of the dead weight, you can give larger roles to the people (or pets) , that mean the most to you.
The people who make you smile, the people who make you think, and are a calming influence, the ones who value their importance to your story, and are respectful of their role, and yours.
The best part is that we get to help choose our own ending.
Sure circumstances and situations are always going to arise, but you always have control of your actions, and reactions.
Start editing your story.
If there are characters and situations that are no longer serving the best interest of your story, write them out, or give them a bit part.
If there are characters you have been neglecting that you want to have larger roles, give them more of your efforts, more of your time, a bigger part of your story.
Start preparing for a great ending, but always keep in mind, it’s great to reach your destination feeling you did the best you could, with the tools you had.
But more important is the journey, the people and places that awe you along your way, and make your life, your book, extraordinary.
Make it a great read.

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