The One with what Christmas Really Means Through the Eyes of a Child

I had my four year old BFF overnight so we could go to breakfast with Santa in the morning.
I have had a challenging time this year getting into the “Christmas spirit” , much like many others I know– the stress , the expense, and commercialism gets to me sometimes, not to mention missing those that are no longer here to celebrate with us, and the hardships many faced throughout the year weighing heavily on my mind and heart.
It was a long week, and he was waiting in the driveway for me when I got home.
I was tired, but he ran out of his mom’s car when I pulled in and gave me a hug, and a great deal of my stress evaporated .
I had a couple errands to do, so I thought it might be nice to drive him around to see Christmas lights like I did with his mom Rachel when she was a child, and to take him to see his “Uncle ” Chris’s tree and decorations. (That’s what he calls him.  Who am I to argue?)

As we drove around I felt myself smiling every time he almost jumped out of his car seat , excited by whatever light display and inflatable characters we passed by at that moment.
When he saw Chris’s tree and decorated fireplace, he seemed in awe of the transformation just as I was, and kept telling me how pretty it was.
On our way back home through this magical scene, he announced he’d like to go back to my house, and eat some cereal and watch a Christmas movie .
After coloring with “Oma” (that would be me) in his new Christmas coloring book, we settled in to watch “Elf” ( duh… I watch it every weekend), each with our own bowl of Reese’s Puffs. (Yes of course Apple Jack’s were available too, but sometimes change is good.)

This perfect evening cost nothing.
He didn’t bombard me with demands of expensive toys he wanted for Christmas, or want to play with my phone or tablet,
…And he bypassed the PlayStation for coloring and a movie with Oma.
If a four year old can be content with the simple things, then surely the rest of us can.
My only regret is there is no snow outside to build a snowman or create snow angels, or snowy hills to sled down.  There will be though.
Next year I’ll introduce him to ice skating. I always loved that as a kid.
Sometimes it takes a child to remind us of what really matters.
…and what is just a bunch of crap .
Thanks for the different perspective, Mikey. 

Me with my BFF

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